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Vehicles and Transport

Gestores Administrativos in Spain can carry out various procedures before the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) – National Department of Traffic, facilitating and speeding up procedures related to vehicles and drivers. Some of the procedures that are usually carried out before the DGT include:

Vehicle Registration:

Initiating and managing the process of registering new or imported vehicles, as well as re-registration, rehabilitation, etc.

Transfer of Vehicle Ownership:

Carry out the transfer of ownership of a vehicle between private individuals, managing the necessary documentation and presenting it to the DGT.

Change of Ownership due to Death:

Managing the change of ownership of a vehicle in the event of the death of the owner.

Temporary and permanent deregistration:

Request temporary and permanent deregistration of vehicles, whether due to change of ownership, export, accident, or any other reason.

Documentation Duplicates:

Process duplicates of vehicle registration certificates, technical data sheets and other documents related to vehicles.

Renewal and Exchange of Driving Licences:

Handling the renewal of driving licences and carrying out exchange procedures for drivers who have obtained their licence in another country.

Obtaining Vehicle Reports:

Requesting reports on a vehicle’s history, including possible charges, seizures, or limitations.

Appeals and Allegations:

Filing appeals and allegations on behalf of drivers before the DGT in the event of traffic fines or other administrative issues.

Traffic Fine Management:

Assisting in the management and payment of traffic fines, as well as in the filing of appeals if necessary.

Gestores Administrativos play a crucial role in facilitating and speeding up these procedures, preventing citizens from having to deal directly with the bureaucracy of the DGT. Their specialised knowledge of traffic regulations and administrative procedures helps to ensure a more efficient and smooth process for users.

The vast majority of the aforementioned procedures can be carried out electronically by the “gestor administrativo”, thus speeding up the time it takes to resolve the procedure.

All of this is based on the Encomienda de Gestión signed between the Dirección General de Tráfico and the Consejo General de Colegios de Gestores Administrativos de España on the 28th of September 1999 and subsequently adapted for electronic procedures on the 27th of September 2007.

Employment Consultancy

A gestor administrativo in labour matters plays a key role in providing advice and managing various aspects related to human resources management and compliance with the labour obligations of self-employed workers and companies. Some of the specific functions performed by an administrative professional in this area include:

Recruitment of personnel:

Advising on the hiring of employees, explaining the different types of employment contracts and their legal implications.

Managing the necessary documentation for the formalisation of contracts

Employee registrations and terminations:

Carrying out administrative procedures for registering new employees with the Social Security.

Manage employee terminations, whether due to termination of contract, resignation, or any other reason

Payroll and Social Security:

Drawing up payrolls and managing the payment of salaries, ensuring compliance with tax and labour regulations.

Carrying out the formalities for the settlement and payment of Social Security contributions.

Contract and Collective Bargaining Agreement management:

Advise on the interpretation and application of individual contracts and collective agreements.

Manage the updating and application of changes in collective agreements.

Prevention of Occupational Risks:

Cooperate in the implementation of occupational risk prevention measures.

Advising on health and safety regulations in the workplace.

Leave and Absence Management:

Control and manage leave, holidays, and absences of employees.

Drawing up the necessary documentation for the application and authorisation of these periods.

Representation before Public Bodies:

Representing the company before public bodies, such as the Labour Inspectorate, in the event of inspections or requirements.

Dismissals and Termination of Contracts:

Advise on dismissal processes and termination of contracts, ensuring that they are carried out in accordance with current labour legislation.

Training and Professional Development:

Advising on training and professional development programmes for employees.

Management of Subsidies and Allowances:

Identifying and managing available subsidies and allowances in employment matters for the company.

For this purpose, we have, among others, the collaboration agreement between the Tesorería General de la Seguridad Social (TGSS) and the Consejo General de Colegios de Gestores Administrativos de España dated 2 November 2010, and the collaboration agreement between the Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social (INSS) and the Consejo General de Gestores Administrativos de España dated 15 June 2010 for the use of electronic procedures.

Tax and Accounting Advisory Services

Gestores administrativos are professionals with specialised knowledge who provide advice, management, and payment of national, regional, and local taxes. Their work in the tax field covers various areas, and they carry out the following functions:


Carrying out the bookkeeping for companies and the self-employed, ensuring that accurate and up-to-date records are kept.

Preparing financial statements, such as the balance sheet and profit and loss account, in accordance with the accounting regulations applicable in Spain

Tax returns:

Preparing and filing mandatory tax returns for companies and individuals, such as corporate income tax returns, value added tax (VAT) returns, and personal income tax returns.

Tax Advisory Services:

Offering advice on the best way to optimise clients’ tax burden, taking advantage of tax deductions and benefits available under Spanish law.

Responding to queries on tax matters and providing strategic guidance for financial decision making.

Management of Tax Obligations:

Gestores Administrativos are responsible for managing and complying with periodic tax obligations, such as payments on account, withholdings, and other obligations specific to each tax.

Administrative Procedures:

Carrying out administrative procedures before public bodies, such as the presentation of documents to the Treasury and Social Security, registrations, modifications, and termination of companies, among others.

Monitoring of Legal Changes:

Keeping clients updated on changes in tax and accounting regulations that may affect their financial and business situation.

Simplified Internal Audit:

Perform simplified internal audits to verify the consistency and legality of financial transactions.

Immigration and Nationality

In the field of immigration and Spanish nationality, a Gestor Administrativo plays an essential role in providing advice and managing procedures for foreign individuals residing in Spain or seeking to obtain Spanish nationality. Some of the tasks performed by gestores administrativos in this field are:

Advice on Migratory Procedures:

Provides detailed advice on the different types of visas and residency authorisations available depending on the specific situation of each individual.

Visa Application and Renewal:

Assistance in the preparation and submission of visa applications for entry and stay in Spain.

Manage the renewal of visas in accordance with current legislation.

Residency and Work Authorisations:

Assists in obtaining residency and work authorisations for foreigners wishing to work in Spain.

NIE (Foreigner Identification Number):

Helps to obtain the NIE, an identification number necessary to carry out various formalities in Spain, such as opening a bank account or signing contracts.

Family Reunification:

Provides advice and manages procedures for family reunification, allowing family members of resident foreigners to obtain authorisation to live in Spain.

Spanish Nationality Procedures:

Advises on the process of applying for Spanish nationality, whether by residence, option or other means contemplated by Spanish legislation.

They prepare and submit the necessary documentation to obtain the nationality, through their own electronical platforms.

Appeals and challenges:

In case of refusal of visas, authorisations or applications for nationality, the Gestor Administrativo can file appeals and carry out the necessary actions to challenge unfavourable decisions.

Monitoring of Legislative Changes:

Keeps the client informed of changes in immigration and nationality regulations, ensuring that they are aware of any modifications that may affect their situation.


A gestor administrativo in matters of immigration and Spanish nationality facilitates and simplifies the legal and administrative processes for foreign individuals, ensuring that they comply with the requirements and procedures established by the Spanish authorities. Their experience contributes to the efficient and successful management of these procedures, easing the bureaucratic burden for clients.

Processing of Title Deeds

Gestores Administrativos are professionals who, in addition to providing advice in various areas, have the capacity to carry out administrative procedures and represent their clients in certain matters.

In the context of title deeds, administrative agents can perform the following activities:

Preparation of documentation:

Assist in the preparation of the necessary documents for the drawing up of deeds, such as sale and purchase contracts, donations, wills, among others.


Providing advice regarding the requirements and procedures associated with the preparation of deeds.

Presentation before the Notary:

Accompanying the client to the Notary for the signing of deeds when necessary.

Registration in the Land Registry:

Managing the registration of deeds in the Land Registry to formalise changes of ownership or rights.

Tax Management:

Assisting in the management of taxes associated with real estate transactions, such as Transfer Tax or Stamp Duty (Impuesto sobre Transmisiones Patrimoniales or Impuesto sobre Actos Jurídicos Documentados).

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