About us

D. Miguel Ángel Garcia Alberti
President del Il·lustre Col·legi Oficial de Gestors Administratius de Balears

from the president

Welcome to Il·lustre Col·legi Official de Gestors Administratius de Balears, a portal that aims to provide service and information on the actions that the school carries out.
I want to make myself available to everyone, from this space with which the Official College opens itself to its members, to give them an account of its activity and offer them services, and also to the rest of society and provincial institutions, to whom it presents itself as an active organization and reference for everything that is of interest to our profession.
I appreciate, on behalf of the Official College of Administrative Managers of the Balearic Islands, your interest and I take advantage of these lines to extend a cordial greeting to all visitors to our electronic portal.


Founded on April 9, 1969, when it became independent from the official College of Administrative Managers of Valencia. The first collegiate headquarters was located on Santa Catalina de Siena Street, No. 1 in Palma, with Don Bartolomé Barceló Barceló being elected President from December 11, 1969 to 1974. Don Juan Ferriol Seguí from June 18, 1974 to 1987 On July 6, 1987 and until 2017, Don Miquel Puigserver Mas was appointed President. Since July 6, 2017 and until today, Mr. Miguel Ángel García Alberti has ​​been President.

On March 17, 1990, the new collegiate headquarters was inaugurated with the presence of the Honorable Molt Mr. Gabriel Cañellas i Font, President of the Government of the Balearic Islands.

Mission of the College of Administrative Managers of the Balearic Islands:

We facilitate excellence and efficiency in administrative and business management, supporting and representing our members in the Balearic Islands. We work to consolidate the profession of administrative manager as a fundamental pillar in the development of companies and individuals, providing specialized knowledge, professional ethics and commitment to legality. Our mission is to be a benchmark for quality, continuous training and service to society, promoting innovation and adaptation to the changing dynamics of the business and administrative environment.”